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  Zhengzhou Guangda Steel Structure Plate Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou in the Chinese heartland, with long history, convenient transportation and developed economy. Founded in 1996, the company is a specialized enterprise integrating scientific research, production and marketing of such products as steel structure, assembled building, integrated house, composite plate, profile, etc. Currently, the company has many well-experienced senior engineers, economic engineers, technical personnel in such sectors as design, budget, etc., and over 200 workers in production and construction.

  Our modern production lines for composite plate, profiled plate, H-steel, etc. can produce various sizes and models of profiles, such as color steel tile, galvanized tile, composite plate, clean plate, C-steel and Z-steel, floor deck plate, H-steel, box beam, etc.. The company can perform independent design, production and construction of large-sized light steel plant, heavy steel structure, grid structure engineering, etc.. Our production lines for housing profile and plate can produce K-type, T-type, foldable, combined integrated houses, light steel villa, camping house, container house, refrigerator, etc. Our products are widely applied to many building and engineering sectors, such as large-sized warehouse, airport, workshop, gymnasium, supermarket, hotel apartment, heat insulation, refrigerator, camping house, etc.

  The company has undertaken nearly 100 buildings and projects, such as: Nissan Motor plant, Foxconn airport plant, Shandong Landbridge Petrochemical 5,000,000-ton oil refinery, Foxconn heating transmission engineering, Rizhao Port of Landbridge 600,000-ton level wharf, Landbridge petroleum company grid structure gasoline stations, Zhengluo communication workshop in Jianshe Road Zhongmou, canteen of Henan University of Technology, Zhengzhou Xingguan Machinery Plant, workshop of Henan Huajing Diamond Co., Ltd., warehouse of Zhengzhou Coal Dispenser Parts Co., Ltd., Foxconn Technology Park, Egypt Sinai military camp, Kirghizia governmental high-ranking official residential area, Uzbekistan urban renewal, Sudan PetroChina oil and gas engineering construction, etc.

  Zhengzhou Guangda Steel Structure Plate Co., Ltd., along with Shandong Rizhao Guangda Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Kirghizia Guangda Steel Structure Co., Ltd., and Egypt Plate Steel Industry Technology Co., Ltd., are share-holding enterprises of United Steel International (Group). United Steel International (Group) has many share-holding enterprises at home and abroad, and is an enterprise group integrating engineering construction, international trade, foreign trade service, etc. in such sectors as production and processing, steel structure building, house engineering, grid structure, anti-corrosion and heat insulation, electromechanical installation, etc. for such products as metal sheet, metal door, integrated house, steel structure, etc.

  Our products, with stable quality and reasonable price, are exported to over 60 countries and regions, and are well-received by customers. Our products are widely applied to such sectors as building, decoration, civil engineering, etc. Many of products have obtained the certifications of quality management systems, such as ISO9001, 14001, etc. Currently, the company has obtained qualification certificates in such sectors as steel structure construction, design, import and export, food circulation, etc., and has been awarded many honors: Advanced Enterprise, Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Enterprise, Advanced Export Enterprise for Foreign Exchange Earnings and AAA Credit Enterprise.

  With the business strategy of “Converge Rivers into Sea, Unite into Steel, Drive by Innovation, Connect the World”, the development direction of green building steel industry and prefabricated, assembled building, and the tenet of "high-quality products and considerate services", the company has been committed to building wonderful life and creating value for customers, for the purpose of realizing lasting sound win-win development.